Understanding The Glory of God

What do we mean when we speak of God’s glory? Many times throughout the Christian life we are told to “glorify God”, but what does that look like?

Let me seek to explain the definition of glory and finish by explaining how we glorify God.

Glory carries weight. When I think of glory I think of weight. Glory is, I think, the fullness of something being exposed or made known. Think of it this way, an athlete who needs to be strong for a particular reason begins lifting weights. That athlete expects to lift weights in order to gain strength. However, as the athlete approaches the weight and picks it up, the weight is not full of metal, but instead is hollow. The density of the object was missing and therefore does not carry much weight. 

I would say, in some sense, we understand the glory of God in this way. It is the fullness of God being exposed to sinful man. No doubt God is glorious all on His own, but we behold that glory through His disclosure. When Moses asked to see God’s glory, God knew it would not only overwhelm Moses, but it would kill him. The glory of our God is seen through the entirety of His being. The fullness of all his character and attributes being seen and displayed for us to understand who he is. God is full of weight, not hollow. When introduced to the full character of God you will not be overwhelmed, you will be transformed by his glory. And His glory is expressed in many ways, but I think we must understand the difference between seeing the expression of his glory, and seeing His glory face to face. 

You may ask, if this is true then why does Paul say in 2 Cor. 4 that we see the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ? Surely this can’t be if no one can see God and live….

You must know that face was not used physically here, but rather, in a sense of character. Jesus Christ was able to display the glory of God without killing us. How he did this I do not know, but we do look to him, his perfect character and work, and we trust and obey Him. This leads us to answer how beholding the glory of God will transform us.

It is simple, we trust in Christ and we seek to faithfully live in obedience to His commands out of love. We become transformed by beholding this glory, the fullness of Jesus Christ’s being. We glorify God through every single action and interaction by our faith and obedience in Christ.

Whether you eat or drink, whatever you do throughout the day, even the menial repetitive tasks of life are meant to glorify God through faith and obedience in Jesus Christ our Lord. Pick up the weightiness of his full character and be transformed.

Will you seek to glorify Him today?